Sunday, December 18, 2011

ANYH Store Hints & Slurls

1.) CuPc@kE Sk!tZ - Omgah its in mah eye! It burns!
2.) Mostly Harmless - I think I am A little Too Close to The Sun!
3.) Pixy Stix - If its the end of the world, you better be CONTACTING me to tell me to run!!
4.) Lucky XIII Clothing - Scrolling text sits below me
5.) Shugah Bug - It's to hot in here... Hot enough to melt the butter!
6.) Biohazard - SKIP
7.) Lemons & Cream - The world at my fingertips.
8.) Bound & Bitten - Hint on Multi Hint Hint Giver near signs at Tp landing
9.) Lyrieals - If only an angel could have saved us
10.) :BearCub: - Dead i am the rat, feast upon the cat. Tender is the fur, dying as you purr
11.)Dondi's Doodads - Let the World Shine
12.) Les Sucreries de fairy - i love tim burton!
13.) Razorblade Jacket - Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
14.) LC Designs - SKIP
15.) Tiny Spaces - It is hidden as high as you can go to get a good view of the end of the world
16.) Chaos, Panic & Disorder! - Your doom comes from the stars
17.) Dark Desires Custom Tattoos - Check Hint Giver at store
18.) Amazing Gallery - i adore women clothes.....
19.) Studio Nails - SKIP
20.) Royal Thai Gallery - In the main gallery, the ice caps have melted, the world is underwater.
21.) Blue Buddha Club Supplies - All the world is a stage
22.) Reebie`s Studio - BioHazard by the Barrel-load!
23.) Sacred Fantasy - Someone needs to take "Command" here
24.) Indigo Oddities - I saw the end, and I hid behind the curtain...
25.) [[721]] - SKIP
26.) emPathy - The Apocalypse is the end of the line.
27.) Soken Kids - Check every shelf and you'll see me
28.) Hooligan Streetwear - I think I saw something smoking near the mailbox... Oh gosh I hope it doesn't set the mail on fire!
29.) Silk and Passion - mix and match outside the place..
30.) Vips Corner - I am where the Male Clothes are so look for me there ...
31.) :.::HOT STUFF::. - I saw a cute kitty, but it looks more beautiful when sleep
32.) K Threads / Clever Endeavors - Just because its the end of the world dosent mean you cant still be a RockStar:P
33.) !Loop! - under the table !!!
34.) ~ Creations ~ - SKIP
35.) Sour Pickles - Check the hint giver
36.) PNP: Props N Poses - Kiss me at midnight and maybe you'll get a gift
37.) ::Fe:: - Monkey King
38.) Special Moments - What better way to celebrate the end of the world then with a drink- lots of them!!
39.) .:: Redangels ::. - WELCOME to the end of the world
40.) .:: Digi-StyleZ ::. - Party like it's 2012
41.) Alehandrita Design - in skybox area
42.) Kaerri - Clowning around
43.) Room 312 -  WARNING - There is a PHANTOM inside the store keeping you away from the prize ;)
44.) Sweet 'n' Tart - Looking up  is great but here you wont get sun in your eyes!

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